For your transportation needs we have the right offer. Especially six services are included in every offer of transportation and we arrange these services individually for you.

Transportation & mobile Delivery

The transportation of goods is the core of our services. Within this we are specialised for construction materials but we offer solutions for other goods as well.

Furthermore our trucks are equiped with either a loading crane or a truck-mounted forklift which are off-road capable.

Information & Documentation

When does which truck drive in which direction and what is necessary to care about? We ask ourselfs these questions day by day and share the answers with all stakeholders. Especially we care about providing relevant information in case of unplanned events. Therefore we work on all communication paths (Phone, SMS, E-Mail, Fax).

Furthermor all delivery notes are sent automatically for your documentation. In case there is no contact person is available photo documentary will be done.

Storage & Commissioning

We offer flexible warehouse possiblities at our site in Verl either as shorttime storage to optimize your disposition or as a longtime bufferwarehouse.

Within this an ideal commissioning is our advantage for you so that your Produkt are delivered at the construction site in the right amount. Therefor we offer you the full service from labelling up to returns management.

Freight query

We appreciate to move mountains for you. After your freight query we will make you a customized offer from our range of services.



Johannes Pähler (managing director)

+49 5246 9261-10


Accounting/Calculation/Human Resources

Matthias Pähler (managing director)

+49 5246 9261-12



Gerlinde Pelizaeus

+49 5246 9261-14




Our site is in Verl – in the heart of Ostwestfalia – at the Bleichestraße. It is perfect with a fast link to the motorways A 2 and A 33.

Pähler GmbH & Co. Bau und Spedition KG 
Bleichestr. 36
D-33415 Verl
Telefon: +49 5246 9261 – 0
Telefax: +49 5246 9261 – 930
E-Mail: info(a)paehler.com
Open (apply as well for delivery/pick-up):
December - March 
Monday - Frryday 
08:00 - 18.00
  Saturday 08:00 - 12:00
April - November Monday - Friday 07:30 - 20:00
  Saturday 07:30 - 12:00