We are aware of our responsibility for a livable society an support people and organisations that care for such a society.

Hütti's Balkanhilfe

Günter Hüttenhölscher from Verl started in 1992 with his first humanitarian transport towards the south-east of europe. From that time on he developed the aid organisation "Hütti's Balkanhilfe". Nowadays it is an aid organisation wich is known beyond the borders of district of Gütersloh. We support this organisation with transports to the area of Romania and the former Yugoslavia every year at christmas time.


In 2016 the CARE-Package celebrated its 70st birthday and we celebrated together with CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg. Since November 2016 the largest CARE-Package is en route in Germany - our truck.


Most of our trucks work with the newest engine-technology and meet the exhaust emission standart EURO 6. But we think that not only a clean and saving technology is important for clean air. The way of driving has the same impact on the environment. This is the reason why our drivers peiodically participat in driving courses with Norbert Walla and the EGO FTS GmbH. In these courses they learn how to drive efficiently and safely in their everyday work routine.